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We believe that good living is as much as a state of mind as a tangible reality. We, at SBCC, resonate your need for a more stimulating and healthier lifestyle and thus offer an abode which exuberantly blossom in the name of ‘AADITI PLATINUM’, a premium multistoried residential complex with expansive landscaped being the latest addition for the range of residences offered by SBCC.

The apartment complex gives you a choice to select from dream home that suits your lifestyle, budget and location. Meticulously designed, these apartment towers offer 2 & 3 bedrooms. AADITI PLATINUM will comprise all the modern amenities & facilities of a secured complex that assures enormous comfort to life.

Though houses may have the fancy tiles, the interesting décor and the fantastic views, your home is, and will always be where the heart is. Mind quests for serenity and tranquility after a hard daily chore of work. Heart always chases the unforgettable memories, recalls the emotions & sentiments residing in the closest proximity. Only a home bestows that warmth. AADITI PLATINUM is the bridge from taking a house and making it into your home.

Situated in the most promising, futuristic destination, about 2.5km from Patia Big Bazar, AADITI PLATINUM is located at Raghunathpur, besides 200’ wide road, casting an advantage for residential as well as corporate. This place is not only dotted with IT & industrial sectors but also has several leisure spots like Nandankanan & Botanical garden along with numerous operational malls and restaurants at its close vicinity. Looking at the location acting as a catalyst, along with its price range, this is surely a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a home in this complex in a community designed by young architects and developed by an esteemed developer.

The space in these apartments is a free flow of intelligent and functional design that appeals to the modern eye. Areas exist solely to lead us from one place to another. The rooms of the apartment are well proportioned and get enough natural light and breathtaking views of the greenery. As a home it is private, serene and functional with all the elements of a warm and joyful existence. It presents state-of-the-art homes that multiply the pleasure of living experience. AADITI PLATINUM homes are adorned with all the modern amenities to make every moment joyous and comfortable.

The residential apartment complex features 2 bedroom & 3 bedroom apartments which will ensure a perfect mix to provide customers with their desired residential home.

AADITI PLATINUM hosts masterfully crafted apartment towers of B+S+ 9 storeys, surrounded by landscaped greens. It boasts of modern-day features like Health Club, Shopping area, Community Hall, STP, etc. along with an impressive spacious swimming pool. It is designed in sprawling acres of green haven, complete with all the rich and modern facilities and amenities. So you can enjoy your very own apartment, styled along the profoundly elegant modern architecture, in the fully secure complex. It means, you can soak yourself in the lifestyle of your dreams, with space, greens and fresh air in abundant supply. This means high social value and value for money.

AADITI PLATINUM homes are designed along environment friendly principles. New, ingenious building materials, inventive design techniques, new age paint and insulation materials are just some of the innovations these homes boast of.

All this integrated seamlessly with all the creature comforts you could imagine, from the latest electronic convenience and safety fittings, to the luxury of space and aesthetic design i.e. everything that the evolved home dweller, you, have come to appreciate.

At AADITI PLATINUM, every home has been finely crafted to cater to your refined sensibilities. Each building presents a choice of two or three bedroom apartments. In tune with green principles, window space to floor ratio is significantly more than the stipulated norm. In other words, every aspect of it has been designed to offer optimal indoor ambience and protect the environment at the same time.
At : - Raghunathpur, Bhubaneswar
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